Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finally... my Birthday Pics are out!!!! (~darling)

YEH!!! Finally ... the long awaited birthday pictures are out!

See how happi my Ah ma is and the astonishment on my aunt's face, not overlooking my pretty pretty barbie doll cake haha... its the cake of my dream!!!

Oh my gosh.. I am now 22... getting older year by year..sob.. why can't i grow taller as well, instead, I am fatter day by day........

Birthday wish: Slim down for 2007!!!

More pictures ?? go to my 'photo memories' now >>

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Help!!! My Darling's trapped in the laptop!!! (Dar Dar)

Haha, we are preparing for her departure to Pittsburgh...., testing on the 'power' of the webcam sponsored my Melody, Huimin, Caiwei, Albert and Vincent!!! The resolution is Fantastic
Shirley: Best friends knows what you need most!!! Thanks my bro and sista... I love it...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Shoutout to my Darling's Daddy (Dar Dar)

Tonight, we celebrate Shirley's dad's birthday. Happy times!!! Celebrated it at a very patronized restaurant at Downtown East. The Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant. They love it so much, i think it would be approriate for them to buy the franchise and start their own line of Thai food! The dinner was ultimately sponsored by the me and WeiXian. Well, quite paiseh rite if didn't treat or buy present for her dad! Haha. Happy Birthday!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!! (Dar Dar)

Merry Christmas to all!!! Good tidyings we bring!!! Spent this year's Christmas in a very old fashioned manner. I guess you could say that we have outgrown the usual mad partying and chionging (eg, the foam spray and the pop crackers). I believe that Christmas a time when the family gets together to bond and reflect about the year's past. To have the warmth of a family is the best gift anyone could receive on Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Celebrating Christmas with log cake sponsored by Shao Yang......~~

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I won 4D!!!! (dar dar)

Hey hey, i thought it'll be fool's luck to win 4D. Never thought it would be as sweet a feeling as this. haha!!! 1227 1227 1227!!!! I bought it and i won!! Wait, there's more!!! It's just the tip of the iceberg. I got the number from a summon i got a few months back. Heavy fine and demerit points. Not too proud of it. Got an earful from Father. Hmmm, thought what the heck, the payment reference number is in a series of 4 digits. So, being the typical Singaporean, i'll try my luck at the 4D. What a great coincidence! But, it's just an iBET prize. A mere $20. But, a ray of light from above has guided lady luck to me. How lucky i am to receive it. What a great day. What a great Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Luggage can be a pain in the butt! (Dar Dar)

Oh my Darling, she's really been busier than a queen bee!!! Buzzing around all sorts of places, Suntec City and shopping malls. Ha, to the uninititated, you might think that she's just the stereotypical shop-a-holic during the holiday season. No, you couldn't be more wrong than wrong! She's got a thousand and one things to settle before heading for USA. The craziest thing would be luggage selection! It's so frustrating. Why can't all the airlines agree to one standard luggage dimension policy? Better still, why don't they manufacture luggages for us if they wanna uphold their "security policies in the face of terror"? Haiz, it's better to play safe in the real world. Just got to conform to whatever information that we have. Luggage is EX! Easily $400 on it. Just hope they serve their purpose.

On a lighter note, my darling did a surprise visit. Well, no exactly surprise. She forgot her keys again so got locked out. Ha, the photos describe what happened in my room that night. (OH, grow up, don't be so dirty minded!! My whole family was around. ) :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I miss my laptop....(shirley)

If you would asked my before today, how will i feel without my answer will be.."Goodness Goody Lovely and everything nice" - no laptop means no work to do, no email to check and life free from online spamming and etc.

However, in the contrary, life without my laptop sucks!!! i can't chat on msn with my friends, I can't upload my pics...scary enough to realise, life is not the same anymore. Its like suddenly becoming single after 2 years of romantic relationship...I am LOST!!! Therefore, never will i lose my laptop and of course never ever will i lose my dar dar!!! You are both so important!!!

When will i see my laptop again CIT ??? Please do an efficient check on all its component, change me a new battery and adapter please.....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stock Challenge Seminar at SMU.. raining again!!!

It really seems that the heavens have a leaky hose or someone up there forgot to turn off the water facet. It's be raining incessantly since the week began. It's the kind of rain that makes you wanna snuggle up in bed with that special someone for the whole morning. It's the kind of rain that gives you that perfect excuse to be lazy and not do anything for the day. Well, it's just the thing that i couldn't do today. Scheduled this morning was the last of the series of seminars for us to gain insight into the wonderful world of stock market investing. Yes, there is a certain amount of risk to it but i find myself drawn to it. As always, got to play it safe otherwise it'll burn your fingers. And oh, my Darling was there to show support!!! Thank you darling, you always make me feel like a hero in everything i do. Love you! SMU is really posh indeed. They've got a swimming pool in the admin block for functions like pool side buffet or events. Wow! Guests would definitely be smittened by SMU. Tomorrow, the stock challenge begins. I'll try my best to build a good portfolio. It'll be a good testing ground for a green horn like me.

The rain continued on and on through the day, relentlessly drenching every single unprotected surface it can touch. It causes people to do out-of-the-ordinary things. Things like this. It drove me to think that i was a koala bear. Luckily, i snapped out of it when my blackhead came out.

I guess my Darling thought it would be romantic if we could take a drive in this weather. That was exactly what we did but with a different purpose. Had to ferry parents to Hougang to get treatment for my darling's mother. Well, what the heck, it'll be romantic anyway. Haha. Got this silly picture to show for it too. Haha. We're so cute together.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sister's Birthday '06 ~ HURRAY ( shirley)!

My sister and I acting cute !!! ~picture courtesy of kenneth whom i think had shaky hands when he took it!

Today is suppose to be my sista's 20th birthday.. but we spent the rainy day slacking at home, rotting and doing nothing but watching TV and playing on our own computer and kenneth sleeping on my bed as usual...haha...but then, we had a big early birthday celebration yesterday. It was a busy and rainy day like now, but with my best friends Desmond, Kenichi, dar dar Kenneth and sis's bf. All my marias, old and new gathered at my house to help out with the celebration that started at 4.30pm. Cake arrived at 5pm! Dar dar, Desmond and I gave my sister a red crumpler bag!! Although tired, seeing that smile on her face, i feel that everything is worth it, the whole family is happy, good friends gather together, thats more than what I can ask of~!!! Sob... i hope i can be around for her 21st bday!!

(top)Kenneth posing with a table
of food prepared SPECIALLY
by the chef ~ MY dad!!

(bottom) Small pig playing a prank on big pig with my know what it is haaa!!! my sister and my work of art...NICE rite?

Icube Investment Seminar Series (NUS)

Attended the second series of seminars at NUS. Technical analysis of stocks and counters were covered and briefed by a representive from iOCBC. An absolute eye-opening experience. Topic covered included price behaviour, price consolidation, bullish and bearish breaks, support and resistance levels, candlestick analysis, price gaps and moving averages. Definitely very valuable insight to stocks analysis that i'd wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. Genting International price finished at $0.50 today. Great news. Definitely means there's buyer confidence. Let's see if there'll be a bullish break in future. Stay tuned and be informed.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sentosa. Bloody Monsoon Season. Bikini babes shy.

AHHHH!!!! Sentosa! Yes, i'm ready for you but you are not ready to welcome me. Why the hell of all days in the year must it be raining when i go Sentosa for volleyball? Damnit. A promise to meet is a promise indeed. Can't let DunXiang down. Got to show up.

Wow. What a turn-up indeed. In the end, there was only KaiShian, Raymond, DX and me. Dude, it's a crime to go Sentosa as group of four. Damnit. Since we're here already, let's just make the best of it.

Even more bad news. Our favourite spot on Silso beach was stripped off its volleyball courts. The ones available were at the other end of the beach. Don't tell me that the whole of Sentosa has now only two volleyball courts? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

We continued with our activities as planned but the rain wouldn't let up. Spoilt moods for all and drenched to the bone, we sadly headed home. Gonna get revenge next visit. And a tan too.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday, Meet Orientation Pals Day!!! Vivocity dinner.

OOOOOO... it's Friday!! Hahaha. TGIF!!! Well, got to hang out with my beloved friends from NUS FOC. Hahaha!! It's great to hang out with the gang. Constantly full of great ideas and even more lots of crap!!! There was Robbi, QingKai, Yan Jun, Kai Xiang, Selwyn, Kendrew and Jonna. A simple dinner was in order and we opted for Baker's Inn due to certain economic constraints. Note: if you are looking for something budget budget yet with a little bit of class, i'm sorry... Vivocity is not the place to go for the budget conscious. Kendrew, ha, as usual, full of wit and humour. Funny and witty character. Learnt that Yanjun's going off with boyfriend in tow to USA for SEP. Wah, how did they land such an opportunity. Got to get tips from them when they return. I've got to get to USA. My darling is there. Gonna be lovesick soon.

Ended the evening with a stroll through the esplanade at Vivocity. Took great pictures to immoralize the memories of the evening in digital format. Definitely have to hang out sometime soon.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crumpler. Thank you but you missed out on something

Kenneth entry:
Today's the day!! Crumpler Collection day!!! Hahhaa!! Wohoo!!! Excited as a kid at Christmas, hovering around the Christmas tree, eager to tear open the presents. Got myself and my brother Western Lawn and Barney Russell, at super discount price. Crumpler made a pricing mistake on its website, a classic Singtel example. Yeah yeah! Priced its bags in SGD instead of USD. THanks a lot Hardwarezone!! The power of information and word of mouth is unmatched. But, there was a small hiccup. Bloody, they didn't tell me they didn't have a purple Barney Russell. Got red instead. Naturally got red-faced too. Rejected the order flat. In amidst of complaining to Eric of Crumpler. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PURPLE STOCKS!!!!

Blew off some steam with my darling. She was having headaches. Dunno why she feeling so crappy these days. The day was almost ending in ruins when we stumbled upon a miracle food. Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab in bitesize pieces from Istean Supermarket!!! Never seen restaurants serve these before. Miracle food cause she instantly perked up after a few bites of it. I swear by it now. Got myself a top from TOPMAN. Feeling brokebut happy. Happy crabby!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

STOCK challenge! Wohoo! Invest Invest Invest!

Kenneth entry: Got to participate in the IOCBC stock challenge today. Was estatic about it coz I can play with stocks without getting really burnt!! Wahhahaha. Prize money worth $7000. Can’t wait to buy the stocks and built a good portfolio. Soon Wen, QingKai, Eugene, Jason and Patrick participated too. Sporting of them too. At least I got to see the university I almost chose, NTU. Wah, the university so far away, it seems I can go to JB with the time taken to get to school. The next seminars will be at NUS and SMU on monday and tuesday. Minister Lim Swee Say was there to grace the event. Haha. Funny man. Funny speech. Got burned in the stock exchange and stayed away from it. So why advocate stock marketing playing? One things for certain, no one can outsmart Mr Market all the time, but for the times that we can, just remember to stay within your limits.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hehehe!!! Happy Anniversary Darling!!!! It was really great to spend the day with you. Went to Vivocity again!!! Well, i went to Vivocity to get Mother Garden Seal collection (it's really really cute!!). Got the big big one and a small small one. You got mad when i didn't get the big big one in a vaccum pack small enough to fit in the luggage. I'm sorry darling. I thought it was small enough. HONEST MISTAKE! Yes, it wasn't really the perfect kinda anniversary that you would have expected. Perhaps i'm a little on the rusty side of things. But nonetheless, today is really significant as it will be our last anniversary together in Singapore. I hate to say that! Sounds really bad and like the end of the world kind of thing. But i love my darling. Truly, madly and deeply. Yes, soemtimes i make you mad, but most of the times i make you laugh cuz of how silly i can get at times! Hahaha!! Really gonna miss you. Love you always.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary Darling

Happy Anniversary! Just making it post out to you. Just like a love dedication. Haha! Just don't make it girly girly.