Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Chill Experience at FLO (Dar Dar)

Wow! Just got back from a wonderful party experience with Belle and Liza. Hahha! Never ever knew that a chill bar (FLO @ ONE fullerton) could be as entertaining as the rest of my partying experience. Thanks Belle and Liza for such a great experience! It was the first time that i ever had martinis and i gulped down 6 of them! They were really tasty and in a word, lovely! Hahaha! The live band provided adequate emotional and soothing songs for us to drown away all our sorrows and hope for better times ahead. Belle, Liza and I all have our better halves overseas so we are all lonely and miss our loved ones here in Singapore. I love you darling! Hope to see you soon in May! Muack!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its a Frosty Valentines Day!!!

Wow !!! HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY everyone!!!

America is late by one day..I hope its not too late. I am sure you all have fun with your partners and friends!! Sorry Dar dar, I am not there for u..

Today is real cold, the soft snow hardens and becomes ice.. Guess where did i take this picture?

Ha.. In my friend's (jinny from korea) car.. The car was frosted and the passenger door could not be open. I had to get in from the other side and haha...This is me, frosted at the frosted window....Fun!!

Oh and I received presents too!! One Fun Dip from Annie (ABT- American Born Taiwanese, haha), the Symphony chocolate bar is from Vivian and the Hershey's milk chocolate bar is from Jiaqi..... So Happy!!! I also prepared presents for them too....!! I really miss you dar dar!! HAPPY Valentine's Day!!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Exams are soooo tiring...But I had fun after that !! (darling)

Yawn... I feel so sleepy after the whole day of exam and shopping at Waterfront.... I slept only for 3 hours last nite...all thanks to the American Politics exam. Spent 3 days mugging and it lasted for 1 hour, asking simple definition questions.... I feel like knocking myself at the wall.

Got back my International Management Case 1 assigment, got 37/40...same as Huang Liang. But I think I will do worse for the next one (which I spent 5 hours on). Regretting now....

Meetings meetings and meetings is what I do at CMU for my FYP project...madness, we are meeting 4 times a week, burning the whole weekend... Life is so miserable here. Worse than in Singapore!!!

Happy Things!!!
I received Valentines Day present from dar dar, although its one week early... I just love them!! Skimpy night gown and a pair of more decent night wear from the FAMOUS Victoria Secret. And on top of that... I went to get more stuffs from Victoria Secret today..hahaha... spent alot of money... I bought one Bra at 29.50 USD, 3 Bottles of Shower and Lotion Cream that smells like sweets at 24 USD for 3... I din know victoria secret stuffs can be quite reasonably priced too!! Check out the pic! (Combination of what I got today and what dar dar sent!)

Besides... I bought a pair of Levis Jeans a 29.90 USD...haha Cheap cheap... Also bought another pair of jeans and Jacket at 19.90 each for chinese new year!!! Shop like crazy...I have not eaten my dinner and its already 12am....arghhhh...

I am falling sick again.. sore throat and flu..must have been the long nights of mugging...swear not to revise too late next time le...

I miss Singapore and spending chinese new year at home. Miss everyone.... Pls dont forget my Ang Bao...Haha...ciao!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Check this out everyone!!!
THe picture speaks for itself!!! It tells of a brighter future for poly graduates. Well, the increment in wages isn't that substantial but it's a sign that employers are more willing to fork out more to retain talent like poly grads in their workforce. Hmmm, but according to the report, the real winners are the optometrists, earning $3000 a month, which is about the top 2% of the total entire pie. As extracted from the report:

One such top earner is Ms Melissa
Tan, 20, who works as an optometrist at
Soong Choon Optics Connection.
“They offered me the position immediately
after my interview. I earn
more because I asked to work six days
a week. I would have gotten about $2,500
if I worked a five-day week, which is
what most of my coursemates are earning,”
said Ms Tan, who pursued an optometry
diploma at Singapore Polytechnic.
She's earning $3000 a month! Lucky gal!
Damn, should have taken up the eye doctor course. More parents these days are pressurizing their kids to read more and study more. Moreover, these kids are introduced to the computer at an early age. They will be internet and information addicts in the future. This will come at a price. Poor eyesights. More and more kids will be seeing the optometrists for eyesight correction. Potential big bucks. Spectacles and contact lenses for all. Or Lasik eye laser surgery.
Just my two cents!

Updating the blog. (Dar Dar)

Hey there, oh man, it's really been a great while since my last post. Feeling guilty about it, but recently there's nothing much happening around. Really!!! It can be sooooo boring here. Just SOOO BORED!!! So, i've just been taking random pictures here and there to share it with you guys. Just a few thoughts and comments about them. Should be interesting i guess. Here goes!

Hmmmm... here we see the overbearing sight of the cityscape at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Looking at this jolts me back into reality that someday, maybe, i'll be in the something-level at something-dept doing something-work for someone. It's a sad reality i feel. What to do, it's a dog-eat-dog world. Hoping to steer clear of such a boring path. Carving out my own path to self-employed success and financial freedoms sounds much more promising and fun.

Here's a little money making scheme that i happened to chance upon during my daily commute in the MRT> It seems that you can invest your hard-earned monies on luxury items like exclusive timepieces, jewellery and even exotic cars. I just wonder how can this be? What investment tool or concept or financial formula are they using to grow such a fund? Seems to be a very sustainable prospect. Come to think of it, investing in the companies that make Ferraris and Lamborginis is a viable in terms of investment diversification. A shareholder in one of the greatest supercars of the century! But i just wonder if you invest in the fund, would you get a chance to drive the Lamborgini in the picture? I guess it's just wishful thinking. Easy money, never heard of it, never will have.