Thursday, June 7, 2007

I finally found a passion!!! (Dar Dar)

I must confess something. All my life, i've sort of been searching for something. Something that's enriching, giving, soulful, expressive and breathes passion in every way. I believe that everyone has a passion in something. Some are fortunate to have discovered it long ago, others are still in that endless quest to find that something that symbolizes them. For once, I belong to neither of the above mentioned groups of people. For once, I'm passionate about something. I'm passionate about photography........

Monday, June 4, 2007

Back in SingaPore!

Hey guys... Sorry for neglecting this blog and all its readers for the past months. I am finally back in Singapore for summer break, so if you miss me, ask me out before I head back to another year of torture again.

Good news:
I got All 6 As for my latest semester!!!

Not so good news:
I cut my hair... short short!!!
I grow fat fat le, in less than 3 weeks back!!!

I have some new pictures to show, but I could not get them uploaded, will update you guys again when i finally get them into flickr. For now... hehe... some pictures of my new hairstyle!