Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me? Tear down? No!!

Tear down the post? wahahah .... I will not do it ! Instead, I am going to take pictures with all the guys here and post it on this blog!! Bleah!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weeks and weeks of craziness at NUS (Dar Dar)

Haiz.... Firstly, so sorry that I've not been posting up stuff.... School has started for me and as evidenced from my long absence in here in our blog, it's been a hell of a busy month. Survival here is simple. Just do it, don't complain.

Anyways, enough of my miserable life in NUS. Let's check out the stuff that's been happening over the weekends. Hehee. Picture time!

Comex Happenings!!!!

Well, actually it was more like Sony@COMEX. They seem to always have the biggest budget and this time, they totally occupied one entire floor of Suntec City. And okay, all of the pictures are of the babes and dancers...... cuz there was nothing else besides that. The babes and dancers didn't have it easy. Hour after hour, they had to parade out and do the same show routine over and over. If you had recorded the entire sequence of events and compared them, you could tell which show occurred at what time cuz they were all identical. Very mechanized and "robotized" I must say. I applaud them for their hard work and deterministic nature.

Haha. I think Darling is going to tear down this post so if you get to read this, you are one of the fortunate ones. Hahaha.

Stay tuned for more as I bring to you more events from around Singapore!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


你们看了周董的 "不能说的秘密" 吗? 我有一个部分不太明白.女主角最后一次弹琴的是后, 到地发生了什么事? 她到底有没有回到自己的时空呢? 为身么周董看得到她写的字而她却看不到呢?


Thursday, September 6, 2007

I finally moved into my new room

Hi guys..I has been close to two weeks since I return to the PIT (short form for Pittsburgh). I have been busy with moving in and buying new furnitures on top of school work. This is crazy...I am crazy enough to return just one day before school starts, with an empty room... haha...

Well I am now staying at the first level of a "petite" green house. My landlady stays above us on the second level. My house is 5 mins from school and its totally air-conditioned....

If you think that staying away from home is "Shiok"..believe me, staying alone is no fun at all, except that you can decorate your own room and return home late at night with no one nagging at you at the door. However, its not cheap at all, I spent around USD$400 plus for new furnitures, not including the decoratives that I brought from Singapore. There is no one to cook for you, wash your clothes, vacuum the floor.. and its not fun when you have tons of homework to do...

Therefore, I decided to make my room a little cosy place I can call my HOME. In the end... haha... i think it became tooo cute to be true. I have got my own lava lamp, winnie the pooh curtain, soft toy from Ikea, my elephant pillow and a little dressing table that is pink in color, yes, all pink (table, chair and mirror all pink). I also have a small studying corner in Japanese style!

I am moving in today - 06092007.. you can buy 4D with the numbers haha..I totally love this. Here are some pictures!

My bed!

Study Table/Corner
My room is big enough for another 3 more person ....ermmm.. on the floor I mean... Please come and visit me!!!