Monday, July 9, 2007

DIY Makeover (Darling)

The shooting addict (dar dar) and two very vain girls engaged in shooting spree last friday. This was our very first Do it Yourself makeover. Although amauteurish, we managed to produce great pictures with limited equipments and settings.

Ingredients of the DIY makover:
  1. Nikon Digital SLR camera - $850

  2. 28-70mm Tokina lense - $330
  3. Wireless Flash - $420
  4. Tripod (free with purchase of camera)

  5. Make shift reflector (A car's sunshield) - $2
  6. Cosmetics (Red earth, Maybelline, Lo'real, canmake, Clarins, Fasio, Silky Girl.. etc)
  7. Makeup Artist (One of the vain girl - amatuer)
  8. Outfit (Daily wears)
  9. "Studio" - a room with a plan coloured wall
  10. Photographer - Dar dar and sister

  11. Models - Me, my Sister and Dar dar

Some Results of the makeover:

I hope dar dar will put up more pictures! It was a fun experience! So if you own a SLR camera but without professional equipment, try it out! If you want to take potrait shots of yourself and you want us to help, call us!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Settlers Fun and Crazy Time (Dar Dar)

I personally find it difficult to comprehend sometimes, in the advent of computer technologies and the major milestones in gaming technologies, that we still find joy and soulful entertainment, playing boardgames in the company of friends.

While 777 Singaporeans tied the knot on this aupicious day (070707), we got together at Settlers Clarke Quay. Reminiscing the days gone by and also to celebrate Vincent's and Albert's birthday, we got comfy and cosy on the huge couches and sofas in Settlers. To begin with, everyone was late for one reason or another. Hahahaha. Anyways, eveyone took their time to settle down and we were particularly keen on experiencing new boardgames to tickle our funny bones. We played the classic token on the board games and card with tokens games. Can't really remember the name of the games but one particular game that I would love to play again was Taboo (Singapore edition). It's just like carades; except you can describe vocally the word on the card that been picked out from the deck, but you can't mention any of the "taboo" words depicted on the card. All before the last grain of sand slides through the hourglass. Vincent was the record holder, averaging five words per play, mostly of which Darling getting it correct to the amuzement of the rest.

All in all, a great day at Settlers! We summed it up with an ad hoc photo session at the Speakers' corner, now essentially an open patch of grass for sporting activities like frisbee and soccer. What a great way to mark 070707!

Monday, July 2, 2007

NDP Combined rehearsal 2 (Dar Dar)

Hello Hello!!!

I had a great opportunity to witness the NDP combined rehearsal with my darling on the 30th of June 2007. This year round, it is to be showcased to lucky Singaporeans at the newly constructed stage area in Marina Bay. Singapore is wonderfully efficient. What we want, we get. Or rather, what the government wants, it gets. :P

Politics aside, first impressions, I felt that the spectator stands were "small and compact" as compared to the oval-shaped stadium design that we all lovingly know as the Kallang Stadium. Atlas, it will be torn down to make way for a modernized stadium for world class events and functions. Big dreams, Singapore has. Maybe the Olympics or the World Cup in Kallang?

Back to NDP, the MCees who were present that the rehearsal introduced to us a new identity for us to be familiar with. Instead of the Kallang wave, we now have the Marina wave. Essentially, it involves the thousands of people there to...... wait...... not stand up and do a body wave, but be demure ladies and gentlemen and remain in their seats while gracefully making a wave action with your arms and hands. C'mon Singaporeans, what does it take for you to participate? Is it sooooo very paiseh to make yourself look the fool? Believe me, ditch that mentality and see how much fun you will experience for yourself.

The rehearsal was basically, a rehearsal. They didn't seem to have the full attendance of participants on that day so instead, they were represented with sign boards instead. The audience laughed heartily at such a sight. Kinda enjoyable, really.

As the rehearsal wore on, we had the usual spectacles. The red lions making their jumps, twice...... the Singapore flag fly-past...F16 after-burners.. plus a few new additions. Commandos rappelling off the Shears bridge, the Chinook deploying troops into the Marina Bay water front right in front of Esplanade, Apaches circling the water front with the city skyline in the background and all of its grandeur. And for the first time, the Naval has a chance to showcase their superiority. No, a submarine didn't surface nor did a warship berth in the area. Police speedboats and Naval counter-terrorist warships did their stuff to the amazement of the audience. All in all, a supreme show of power and grace from our beloved SAF.

Well, what can I say, this year's NDP will definitely live up to the expectations of the people and Singapore. One thing's for sure, I'll be back for the fireworks display. Rehearsal only, can't have fireworks right?

And now the pictures, as always!