Monday, March 19, 2007

End of Spring Break..New York Photos uploaded~(darling)

Hi guys! Sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog. I was having term tests and project deadlines for the last 2 weeks and spent 4 days is New York for the start of my spring break.
Good News to share: "I got into the masters programmmmeeeeee"
Bad News to share: " I did badly for my politics test - 30% test"
Anyway.. I had a great time in New York, staying at Annie mei mei's place at Flushing, where all the Chinese people are (when you are there, you think you are in China). Also went to Chinatown that resembles HongKong. Best place is Manhattan... Fifth Avenue where all the shops are there, ranging to high class ones like COACH, LV, DIOR to popular ones like MACY, TAKASHIMAYA, M&Ms, DISNEY and etc...Then i went to this place call Woodsberry.. You wont believe it ... 220 outlet stores (factory outlet) where you get cheap branded stuff like Levis, DKNY, COACH, GUESS and etc. I spent 5 hours and managed to walk only 5 stores,.. spent 250 USD and bought 6 fossil watches, Levis.. shopping madness...
I also got Malu episode. When my friend told me that we cant visit statue of liberty, I asked her "Huh, Liberty in New York meh?" So sua gu!!
School starting tomorrow..I will not be able to update blog as frequently le, however i uploaded 200 photos from the New York trip. Should be able to last for a month hahhahahaha...
Anyone wanna go New York must tell me!!!! I am definitely going again!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A wonderful wonderful weekend! (Dar Dar)

Wooooohooo!!!!!!!!! it's been a hell of a weekend!!!! Definitely enjoyed myself to the max!!!! I guess i've discovered a new hobby that i can be really passionate about. Photography!!!!!!! Got myself a second hand Canon 350D with a kit lens and a 70 - 300mm telephoto. Still quite a newbie as compared to Qingkai and Eugene but nonetheless, i'm always and willing to learn something new and exciting! Got a great opportunity to shoot this weekend. The IT show! and with the IT show come the babes and showgirls! In addition, we had the SMU open house too!!! hahaha! (Darling, please don't kill me but it was really fun to be able to feel the rush of it all!!!!)

Photography connects people. I got to know this wonderfully friendly Finnish guy by the name of Pasi. He's just here for 2 months and has also has a great passion for photography. He shared with us his experiences in his native country and other interesting views on technology, culture and people in general. Learned a lot from him!!!

My favourite shots from the IT show:

She definitely knew how to strike a pose for the camera.

She's just as sweet as the taiwanese singer from S.H.E ..... Too much candy is just bad for your health. I'd better stay far away from such things =D

If there was one photo to describe the SMU open house event, this would be it!

Hot and sexy and bursting full of energy, the pair of dancers captured everyone's attention with their sleek moves and sexy body hugging attire.
Photography is an expensive hobby. Hmmm, just got to make do with what i've got. The camera is the harvester, Photoshop is my refinement factory. Hopefully, the end product would be a piece of visual art for the masses to enjoy. Until next time, this is Kenneth signing off!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hurray!!!!! It's the end of the midterms, for now... (Dar Dar)

Oooopsss. i've not been faithful to this little blog of ours! Sorry. It's been a crazy 3 weeks since the start of CNY. Project deadline to meet, programming problems to solve, revision for mid term tests and in the middle of all these things, i still have to do tutorials and lectures. Well, i decided to try out a new strategy to defend myself and not be defeated. My strategy: skip school altogether! It's quite the opposite of what you should do in times like this. But surprisingly, it has worked quite well for me. I've got all the time to do my own self study, revise at my own pace and basically focus on only one task and one task alone. The only price to pay: play catch with the weeks of tutorials and lectures that you've missed. Not very difficult, just need to do it! It's finally come to the end of 3 of my mid term tests, i still have one more to go but that's in April. But for now, celebrate and slack lorz!!!!!! Gonna get a little sun-kissed at the pool to relax. My darling's been burning the midnight oil for her tests. Darling, i wish i am with you to help you out. Study hard okay? Miss you lots! Oh, go enjoy yourself in New York city. Remember to take photos of the very very famous Naked Cowboy! He shouldn't be difficult to find. Just ask the friendly people there!

This is Dar Dar signing off and slacking off!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!